"In Support of Palestinian Political Prisoners"By Herman Bell


To the Palestinian people, their political prisoners and detainees held in israeli jails. To our brothers and sisters in struggle, we u.s. political prisoners and prisoners of war extend greetings and solidarity and commend you for your stout-hearted resistance to zionist occupation of your land. Your dogged resolve to expel them is admired and respected more than ever. We recognize your plight and honor your historic resistance to this occupation and aggression.

Across the border from you -- in Lebanon, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in mother Afrika, and int he belly of the beast itself, the same war against u.s. imperialist designs and its quest for global domination wages on. And at every turn babies cry, and mothers grieve; and sons, daughters, husbands and wives are martyred. In Gaza, a family of beach goers is cut down by zionist tank shells as they recline on a lonely stretch of sand to catch some sun and much needed respite from the stress and strains of bombs, tanks, and overflying warplanes. On a war-torn street in the West Bank, captured by television before a global audience, the figures of a father and son are riddled with bullets as they huddled desperately behind the shelter of a wooden barrel from withering zionist firepower.

After a long train of abuses, people reject injustices and they eventually respond aggressively. This is what usually create political prisoners and prisoners of war and is why we gather here at this time to honor and immortalize your implacable spirit in tenaciously resisting zionist occupation of your homeland. Therefore, as you have ably demonstrated, we categorically reject the prescribed reality of long suffering and acceptance of our plight served-up by the forces of power and greed. Our vision is one that dank prison cells, truncheons, electrodes, waterboarding and the like cannot hope to alter or forestall. To coin a phrase: "we claim no easy victories and tell no lies." And we shall remain vigilant and firm supporter of our Palestinian brothers and sisters, as we stay the course in our own struggle 'til victory is won.

In solidarity,

Herman Bell

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